Nuralac Range

Through our brand Nuralac, we offer a wide variety of products which are specifically designed to take full care of baby’s nutrition from infancy (Nuralac 1 & 2) to toddlerhood (Nuralac Plus). Along with that Nuralac also provide specialized medical purpose formula, Nuralac LF which is designed for the dietary management of lactose intolerance in infants.

Nuralac - 1

Infant formula recommended for infants from 0-6 months of age.

Nuralac 1 contains a unique formulation with important nutrients including dual blend of prebiotics, vitamins along with age-appropriate levels of protein, iron, calcium, and expert-recommended levels of DHA and ARA shown to help support all-round brain and eye development. It covers the challenges of infant formula by delivering the essential nutrients in infant’s early life development.

  • Enriched with α-lactalbumin which enhances development of cognitive functions and better sleep.
  • Provides recommended levels of DHA/ARA to improve memory, focusing, problem solving skills and improve visual acuity.
  • GOS + Polydextose in addition to natural prebiotic “Sialyllactose” to promote GUT comfort and improve sleeping patterns.
  • Unique and optimum blend of vitamins and minerals to enhance immune system function.
  • Contains active form of Vitamin D3 (1, 25-dihydroxycholecalciferol) that plays a key role in the body’s calcium metabolism and in the formation of bone.

Nuralac - 2

Follow-on formula recommended for infants from 6-12 months of age.

Follow-on formula can be used for infants from the age of six months alongside appropriate complementary feeding. Follow-on formulas may be useful for those with low iron levels or a poor weaning diet over the age of 6 months. Nuralac 2 is a complete, nutritionally balanced follow-on formula having the same age-appropriate unique formulation as Nuralac 1 intended to support the growing baby as the baby starts solid food.

  • Brain and visual acuity development with recommended levels of DHA/ARA that follow EFSA recommendations.
  • Dual blend of prebiotics promoting GUT health, protecting against diarrhoea and constipation.
  • Optimum levels of immune nutrients like DHA, nucleotides, vitamins and minerals for immune system development.

Nuralac - 3

Growing-up formula recommended for toddlers from 1-3 years of age.

Nuralac Plus is a growing-up formula starts from 1 year of age that provides suitable levels of protein and certain nutrients like prebiotics, DHA, vitamins and minerals which are vital for your child’s growing-up needs. This unique blend has been shown to help support all-round brain development during the critical first 3 years of your child’s growth and development. Nuralac plus is available in Vanilla flavor which makes the product palatable for toddlers.

  • DHA and other nutrients like choline and taurine for brain and visual acuity development
  • Optimum level of micronutrients for healthy growth (Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc)
  • FOS + Inulin as dual blend of prebiotics for GUT comfort
  • Contains Nucleotides to enhance functioning of immune system.
  • Age-appropraite levels of iron to help prevent a baby from iron deficiency anemia.

Nuralac - LF

For dietary management of diarrhoea due to lactose intolerance from 0-12 months

We firmly agree that mother’s milk is the gold standard nutrition for a baby, but we also recognize the need of substitutes for infants who cannot be nourished by mother’s milk and who are prone to diarrhoea or abdominal discomfort with general formulas due to lactose intolerance.

Nuralac Lacto-Free with Iron – a substitute that can be given to such babies with complete confidence. Nuralac Lacto-Free with Iron contains a well-balanced compound of proteins, fats including balanced essential fatty acids along with DHA & ARA, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. As it contains Corn Syrup Solid, a replacement of lactose which makes a product easy to digest for infants who suffer from diarrhoea, fussiness, gas or abdominal pain due to lactose intolerance. Nuralac Lacto-Free with Iron, a lactose free formula can be recommended by the medical profession for the use of infants and babies.

  • Lactose-free formula (99.9%).
  • Corn Syrup Solid as energy source – a replacement of lactose.
  • Corn Syrup Solid improves constipation and palatability of the product.
  • Dextrose equivalent value ‘DE’ of CSS is 17 close to that of lactose: 16
  • Easily digested and absorbed due to it’s unique CHO mix.
  • CSS representing almost 43% of the formula that ensures:
    • better absorption of calcium and magnesium
    • low osmolarity
  • Adequate levels of DHA/ARA which is important for cognitive function development.