Omilac Cereals

Baby cereals are considered a good transitional food for babies who are ready to begin swallowing foods thicker than breast milk or formula, therefore to fulfill the expanding nutritional needs of babies from 6 months of age, Omilac offer its Cereals with 3 different & delicious tastes (Omilac Wheat, Omilac Rice & Omilac Wheat 5 Fruits).


Omilac Cereal

(Wheat, Rice, Wheat 5 Fruits)

Instant cereals for infants and young children suitable to be introduced from 6 months of age

Omilac introduces its infant Cereals to provide a wholesome beginning for optimal growth and development of your baby from 6 months of age enriched with age-appropriate levels of protein, carbohydrates, 12 vitamins & minerals to meet the extra nutritional demands of a rapidly growing baby.

5 reasons to introduce Omilac cereals as one of the first foods during the complementary feeding period to your child:

  • Enhance nutritional intake of baby as they are rich sources of energy, protein, vitamins and minerals
  • Omilac Cereals do not have additives and contain the best natural ingredients.
  • Omilac Cereals are easy to digest because they are prepared with hydrolyzed cereals to assure an easier digestion.
  • Omilac Cereals have Lower Allergy Risk i.e. they are Free of potentially allergy – causing ingredients. (Soy, eggs, nuts & peanuts)
  • Omilac Cereals provide adequate food for transition to solids due to their sweeter taste with homogenous and smooth consistency.

Omilac Rice Cereal is gluten free which makes it suitable to be introduced in infants and babies with a gluten allergy or intolerance.